Virtual Reality Materials Visualization

Our VR Materials Viz tool is ready, and can (currently) read VASP CHGCAR files directly! If you have an Oculus headset, or a Windows Mixed Reality device, download our binary and try it out:

And here is a video with no narration showcasing the tool’s functions:

We acknowledge contributions by (in alphabetical order) Siddharth Ahuja, Andong Jing, Sean Lin, Qiaoqian Lin, Zhili Luo, Noah Rebei, Sujay Shah, Zekun Wei, Jinlin Xu, Zhongshen Zeng, and Xusheng Zhang and support from the NCSA SPIN program, the NSF REU INCLUSION (grant No. OAC-1659702), and the NSF CAREER grant No. DMR-1555153 for support.