Kisung Kang

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Ph.D. Student, Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate Research Assistant

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Fall 2016
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I am interested in excited electronic states and magnetic properties of materials through computational methods. In order to understand their dynamics, the relationship between materials and excitations is crucial. This relationship can describe the unique properties of excited materials. In terms of application, optoelectronic devices, photovoltaics, or data storage devices with spin polarization are developed by using these properties. Density functional theory or further many-body perturbation theory will be able to open the road to study excited electronic states and magnetic properties of materials. Framework of ab initio method that can describe these kind of materials is going to be developed and then next step is supposed to optimize existing materials or find new ones. Also, electronic properties of two dimensional materials is one of my interests. Previously, I participated in a few projects about recent 2D material, phosphorene. Twisting strain-engineered band gap tuning and line defects with stacking and growth faults were investigated through density functional theory. Also, I am looking for the property change according to dimension of phosphorus.