The Group

Below you can see a photo of my current group in the Department of Materials Science at the College of Engineering at UIUC. We're at the beautiful Engineering Quad in Fall of 2016.

And this is us touring the Campus Cluster at UIUC:

And here we're exploring winter in Urbana-Champaign (Spring 2019):

Another visit of the Campus Cluster at UIUC:

We are always looking for excellent and motivated students as well as outstanding postdoctoral researchers!

We use modern computing clusters as well as cutting-edge high-performance super computers (such as Blue Waters) to investigate materials properties, e.g. in the context of energy-relevant materials and transparent (opto-)electronics. You can find out more about my research interests and the intriguing properties of excitations in materials under "research". If you are interested in working on a specific project in the thriving field of Computational Materials Science and you want to join my group please feel free to send me an email.

Group members

André Schleife


Graduate Students

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Aneesh Jonelagadda
  • Sarah Habib
  • Andrew Hartmann
  • Guanning He
  • Krithik Puthalath
  • Isabelle Augensen (REU summer project 2018)
  • Marlo Zorman (REU summer project 2018)

Honorary/Former Group Members