Cheng-Wei attends Computational Chemistry and Materials Science summer institute at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

From June 6th to August 12th 2016, Cheng-Wei attended the CCMS summer institute at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and worked with Dr. Alfredo Correa on developing "Accelerated Electron Dynamics". The major goal of this method is to include the essential excited-state effect into Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics while still maintaining its preferred time scale over Ehrenfest Dynamics. The preliminary data are promising!

In additional to opportunities to work and network with researchers at LLNL, there are also invited speeches every week. Cheng-Wei appreciated the chance to have lunch with speakers and learned from their personal experience, such as career decisions and major challenges along their career.

Besides, Cheng-Wei enjoys this rare opportunity to work with colleagues all from computational science background.

   "It was a great joy to share, learn and discuss knowledge and techniques with them."

Last, this chance allows Cheng-Wei to experience the working environment and the major research thrusts at LLNL. To Cheng-Wei's surprise, LLNL as one of the three national security lab is not only about stewardship of nuclear weapons. Evolved from its traditional mission, LLNL expand its focus on nuclear and high-energy physics to much broader basic science. For example, it is rarely known that LLNL is one of the major contributor and initiators of human genome project. With the help of its expertise in highly paralleled supercomputing, LLNL also works on facilitating drug development and simulation of how human hearts function in real time!