Some Interesting Information and Links

On this page you can find a (somewhat random) collection of things that I find interesting or that I would like to share. Go ahead and explore!

This and That

  • Overview of past news articles: Can be found here.
  • MaterialsViews: Once in a while I am writing news articles about interesting scientific papers for the MaterialsViews news portal by Wiley. You can find those here.
  • Currently, I am trying out the Zotero tool to manage my literature database. It seems to be pretty awesome and helpful and I am looking into making some of my libraries public.
  • If you're working with electronic structure codes, consider using something like the ESTEST framework for higher standards of reproducibility as well as verification and validation in computational materials science.
  • Check out the "Hacking Materials" blog - it's a very nice read about Computational Materials Science.

Updates, Professional and Social Networks

  • GoogleScholar: By clicking here you get to my GoogleScholar profile.
  • LinkedIn: Here is my LinkedIn page.
  • ResearchGate: And here is a link to my ResearchGate profile.
  • Social Networks: For now, we can connect on Google+ or Twitter and I'll post occasional updates there.