Kisung went to Poland for European School on Magnetism 2018

This September, there was the European School on Magnetism 2018 (ESM 2018) at Kraków in Poland. Main topic in this year was “Magnetism by lights” which is directly related to Kisung’s magneto-optical Kerr effect study on antiferromagnetic materials. Thus, Kisung decided to attend ESM 2018. School program provided lecture series about basic solid-state magnetism, magnetism simulation technics and deep study on magneto-optical effects and laser-induced (de)magnetization processes. Kisung also took some practicals such as implementing atomistic spin dynamics simulation, linear magneto-optical Kerr effect experiment, and some advanced topics (non-linear magneto-optics). Besides the lectures and practicals, there was excursion to Wierchomla which is placed in southern part of Poland. Kisung enjoyed polish cultures like foods and traditional music and had time to row the boat at the river in Polish and Solvak borders. Last but not least, Kisung participated in poster sessions and had chance to present his work “First-principles study of magnon dispersion and magneto-optical Kerr effect of antiferromagnetic L10-type MnPt”. Kisung recalled his travel that it was great to learn lots of magnetism and optics and it will be helpful to his future works. Kisung’s travel was funded by I-MRSEC (Illinois MRSEC NSF DMR-1720633) and he appreciates the support from I-MRSEC to provide the opportunity to attend ESM 2018.