Kisung went to Poland for European School on Magnetism 2018

This September, there was the European School on Magnetism 2018 (ESM 2018) at Kraków in Poland. Main topic in this year was “Magnetism by lights” which is directly related to Kisung’s magneto-optical Kerr effect study on antiferromagnetic materials. Thus, Kisung decided to attend ESM 2018. School program provided lecture series about basic solid-state magnetism, magnetism simulation technics and deep study on magneto-optical effects and laser-induced (de)magnetization processes.

Cheng-Wei attends ICMEd Summer School

Cheng-Wei attended the Summer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education (ICMEd) early this summer.  He found the lectures very informative and helpful. Throughout the summer school, Cheng-Wei developes better understanding of not only the concept and knowledge but also the impact of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). He also loves the lectures on active learning and prepares to apply it to his future lectures.