Xiao attends ICMEd Summer school

Xiao attended the summer school for Integrated Computational Material Education (ICMEd) that was held in Ann Arbor, MI, from June 5th to June 16th. Since computational materials science is a crucial aspect of materials research, it is crucial for educators to cover reasonable amounts of it already at the undergraduate level, e.g. via computational modules in materials science classes.

Cheng-Wei attended first Telluride School on TD-DFT and the following workshop on Excited States

At the summer school, Cheng-Wei enjoyed the open-discussion environment in the lectures, since it makes deliveries of lectures much clearer. In addition to his current research interests (Real-time TD-DFT and Ehrenfest dynamics), Cheng-Wei also learned deeper about fundamentals on DFT, TD-DFT, linear response TD-DFT and their applications. Among all the lectures, Cheng-Wei loves the advice from Prof.